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Auditor O'Brien working on papers.DENVER – A recent peer review found Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, and his office are at the highest level of compliance with government auditing standards. The Auditor’s Office Audit Services Division participated in the review process through the Association of Local Government Auditors’ peer review program to ensure the quality and reliability of work done for the city.

“I am pleased to receive the confirmation that my office is doing the best possible work on behalf of everyone in Denver,” Auditor O’Brien said. “We’re working hard to maintain high standards, so citizens know their tax dollars are spent as accurately and wisely as possible.”

A team of three experienced auditors from San Jose and Berkeley, Calif., and Austin, Texas, visited our office in Denver to review the Auditor’s internal quality control system. The peer review included interviews with staff and management, an assessment of the Audit Services Division’s documentation of policies and procedures, internal quality monitoring procedures, a sample of audits, other reports and work papers, staff affirmations of independence and training and development of auditing staff.

All audits are conducted in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards. Peer reviews are completed at least every three years to ensure quality control. This peer review considered our office’s work from May 2015 through December 2017.

The review found the Audit Services Division is in compliance with government auditing standards and made separate recommendations to continue to strengthen our quality control system.

The independent peer review team noted several areas where the Auditor’s Office excels. The team noted the competence of our highly-trained and experienced team of auditors and their good understanding of government auditing standards. Including Auditor O’Brien, there are 12 certified public accountants (CPAs) in our office. We also have four certified internal auditors, five fraud examiners, three certified global management accountants, four certified information systems auditors, five certified government auditing professionals and several audit staff members with advanced degrees including MBA, MPA and Ph.D.

“I feel is it extremely important to require high professional standards,” Auditor O’Brien said. “Extensive education and experience helps us ensure we are helping the city run more efficiently and effectively after every audit.”

The peer review group also noted the quality of our audit reports, which consider the information and presentation needs of many different types of readers, including the audited agency and the people of Denver.

“It’s our duty to ensure transparency and clarity of findings and recommendations on behalf of everyone who cares about the future of our city,” Auditor O’Brien said.

The peer reviewers also noted our wide variety of auditing topics and innovative audit techniques such as using real-time data to drive audit project. Our audit services integrate financial, performance, IT and cybersecurity, data analytics and continuous auditing techniques. This means taking a close look at city agencies’ efficiency and effectiveness of operations, financial accountability and IT security. Our staff has produced nationally recognized audits, with multiple honors through the Association of Local Government Auditors’ Knighton Awards program.

Auditor O’Brien is continuing to increase our audit impact through addressing important risks, and to improve upon our already high standards. Members of the office will continue to observe and improve controls as noted by the peer review team to maintain the highest standards of independence and objectivity to keep our audit teams professional and unbiased.

Denver’s Auditor serves as an independent check and balance for the city. Audits are chosen through a risk assessment system that includes input from city leaders, the mayor, City Council, auditors and the public.

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“Denver’s auditor’s office passes with flying colors in peer review” – Colorado Politics – March 27, 2018

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