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DENVER – You might’ve noticed — we look a little different. Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien is pleased to share a new website for the Auditor’s Office with a new, more user-friendly design.

You can now find us at denverauditor.org — or go to our old URL at denvergov.org/auditor and it will redirect you to the new page.

“Our new website is meant to bring more people into the process and ensure even greater transparency,” Auditor O’Brien said.

Our newly redesigned page will help more people access our information through simplified navigation and content. You’ll also find some new resources for each of our new audits, evaluations and assessments.

In addition to the official report in PDF form, we will now offer a short summary of the information in the report and a short explanation of why the findings in this report matter to Denver. You’ll also be able to easily find the follow-up reports on the same page alongside the original audit information.

On the home page, you’ll find information on wages paid back to workers owed money as well as details on audits, follow-up reports and other evaluations. You’ll also find the latest news on our findings and recommendations to make the city and its agencies run more efficiently and effectively.

We hope this new format will better serve you. Our recommendations carry more weight when citizens can more easily understand our findings and why it’s important for agencies to make improvements.

“Our new website is designed for the public,” Auditor O’Brien said. “We want to get away from technical, lengthy and difficult-to-understand writing and make our recommendations clear to everyone who cares about Denver.”

The full audit reports from our hardworking teams are still publicly available in PDF form on our website, just as they were before. We’re just simplifying the process of finding the audits while making them even more accessible.

If you’re looking for something you can’t find, reach out to us on social media or email auditor@denvergov.org. We’re happy to help you find the resources you need, and we’ll continue to adjust the design and navigation of the website to make sure everything is as easy to find as possible.

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