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Doing business in Denver is going to look different in 2020, and Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, and his office are ready to help both employers and employees get used to the city’s new minimum wage ordinance. City Council passed the new local minimum wage ordinance Nov. 25, 2019. The ordinance sets the hourly citywide minimum wage at $12.85 in 2020, starting Jan. 1. The separate minimum wage for city contractors and the prevailing wage rate will still apply as determined by law. All three of these areas of wage law are now under one roof known as “Denver Labor” in the Auditor’s Office. Denver Labor will continue efforts for both education and enforcement of all wage law through payroll auditing, wage investigations and outreach.

Information about the new citywide minimum wage and forms to file minimum wage complaints will be posted in English and Spanish on Jan. 1, 2020.

Learn more about our Denver Labor here.

Denver’s Prevailing Wage Ordinance (§20-76) requires payment of the prevailing wage on contracts with the City, and is enforced by the Auditor’s Office.

Contractors and subcontractors doing work at or in connection with the operation of any public building or public work on behalf of the City and County of Denver must pay their workers prevailing wage. Prevailing wage is required on  contracts of $2,000 or more for construction, improvement, repair, maintenance, demolition, or janitorial work.

Prevailing Wage Overview (PDF)

Beginning July 1, 2019, it’s the law. Denver Revised Municipal Code §20-82 prescribes the city’s minimum wage requirements, “every person or entity that provides any of the following services: concession services; catering services; maintenance services; ramp and cargo services; hospitality services; miscellaneous services; or security services as defined in this division (“covered services”) to the city, or on city property for more than thirty (30) consecutive days in a calendar year, or pursuant to a negotiated contractual requirement, shall pay all covered workers not less than a “city minimum wage” as calculated pursuant to subsection (c) for covered work.”

Learn and read more via our Minimum Wage Overview (PDF)

Prevailing Wage: FAQ

What Are the Prevailing Wage Ordinances?

The following files contain portions of the Denver Revised Municipal Code (DRMC) or ordinances pertaining to Prevailing Wage:

Where Is The List of Who Is Owed Money?

The Auditor’s Prevailing Wage staff ensure that people working on City projects get paid fairly by investigating that City contractors meet the standards of the Prevailing and Living Wage ordinances. If you did work under a City contractor or on Denver-owned property, you might be owed back pay. View the list here

How Can I Learn More About LCP Tracker?

Contractors working on Denver projects are expected to regularly report their payroll information to show compliance with prevailing wage. To do this, we use a system called LCP tracker. Use these tutorials to guide you through the process. View those tutorials here

How Do I Get Started?

All the forms you could need for Prevailing Wage.

What Are Wage Determinations?

The Prevailing Wage section of the Auditor’s Office monitors and enforces compliance with Denver’s prevailing and living wage laws, ensuring that proper wages are paid and work performed is appropriately classified. The most current prevailing wage determinations are on the Prevailing Wage page. Historical prevailing wage determinations can be found in the Archives.

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