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Denver Auditor’s Office Recovers Unpaid Wages


Denver City Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, wants to make sure that employees doing City work get the wages they deserve. The Auditor’s Prevailing Wage staff ensure that people working on City projects get paid fairly by investigating that City contractors meet the standards of the Prevailing and Living Wage ordinances. If you did work under a City contractor or on Denver-owned property, you might be owed back pay.

You can contact us at auditor@denvergov.org or call 720-913-5000.

If you are owed more than $5.00, you will be listed below under your last name. This list is updated about the 10th of every month.

Did you find your name in this list? Please contact the Denver Auditor’s Office at 720-913-5000 or at auditor@denvergov.org.

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