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Auditor Announces Substantive, Impactful Plans for Upcoming Year

DENVER – Accountability, transparency, financial assessments, and social services are all priorities for upcoming audits, according to the 2020 Audit Plan released today from Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA. According to the Denver Charter, the Auditor...

Preschool Program Saves More Than Needed, Risking Missed Opportunities to Help Children

DENVER – Denver Preschool Program Inc. might be able to help more kids and preschool providers if it did not save more than necessary and if it invested its millions of dollars in reserves more profitably, according to a new audit from Denver Auditor Timothy M....

Recurring Errors in Airport Financial Management Processes Lead to Lost Time and Revenue

DENVER – After a close look at two areas of Denver International Airport’s finances, Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, found the airport needs to clean up its accounting and grants management, but leaders at the airport are resisting some of the advice from...

Denver Botanic Gardens Makes Progress in Ensuring Safety and Security

DENVER – The Denver Botanic Gardens has made great strides in addressing concerns from last year’s audit and implemented most of Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien’s recommendations, according to a new follow-up report. “I am pleased the Gardens took the majority...

O’Brien Proposes New Law Requiring Future Denver Auditors Be CPAs

Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, is taking action to ensure professional standards for the Auditor’s Office by proposing a new law requiring all future elected city Auditors be certified public accountants.

Denver Is Not Doing Enough to Hold Rocky Mountain Human Services Financially Accountable in Aiding Residents with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

DENVER – Denver Human Services needs to do more to make sure Denver property tax dollars designated to help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are used correctly by Rocky Mountain Human Services, according to a new audit from Denver Auditor...

City Lacks Enforcement and Procedures to Preserve Affordable Homes

DENVER – As Denver works to create a new organization to address housing and homelessness, Denver Auditor Timothy M. O’Brien, CPA, found weaknesses in how the city is making sure affordable homes stay in the affordable housing program inventory and making sure...


In the news

Denver is making progress regulating short-term rentals

“The audit found flaws in how the city is tracking and enforcing the new short-term rental regulations. While we hope those flaws are remedied quickly, we are encouraged by the compliance rates with the new law.”

Denver Post, January 4, 2018

Denver's not ready for a disaster, says city auditor

“If the worst happens and Denver is hit by a disaster, the city’s not prepared to continue to provide services.

That’s according to a report from City Auditor Tim O’Brien, who said the city “is not prepared to continue nonemergency, but mission-essential, services in the event of a disaster.”

Denver Business Journal, December 18, 2017

Auditor finds Denver could do more to ensure marijuana tax revenue goes to right places

“Recommendations from a 2016 audit pointing out ways the city could be more transparent about how pot taxes are being spent have been “partially implemented.” But the 2018 budget for the city does not detail how each Denver agency is using the money generated from legal marijuana sales, the auditor’s office announced Thursday in a follow-up report.”

Denverite, December 8, 2017

Denver Risks Loss and Misuse of Equipment Due to Inadequate Records
“Hundreds of Denver assets could be missing due to inaccurate boks, audit finds” – Colorado Politics – April 23, 2018
“City of Denver missing millions in assets, suggests auditor”  – North Denver News – April 19, 2018

Peer Review
“Denver’s auditor’s office passes with flying colors in peer review” – Colorado Politics – March 27, 2018

Denver International Airport Oil and Gas Report
“Nearly a third of Denver airport’s oil and gas wells are not losing money, an audit says. Should they be plugged?” – Denver Post – March 15, 2018
“DIA’s oil and gas wells not big money makers, audit finds” – Denver Business Journal – March 15, 2018
“DIA is operating oil and gas wells at a big loss” – Colorado Politics – March 20, 2018

Denver Elections Evaluation
“Audit: Checks in place to ensure accuracy of Denver elections” – Colorado Politics – Feb. 22, 2018

Denver International Airport Parking Revenue
“Denver does not track Uber and Lyft rides, opening risk, Denver auditor warns” – Denver Post – February 15, 2018
“DIA Could Be Missing Out on Uber, Lyft Revenue” – CBS 4 Denver – February 15, 2018
“Hail, no: Denver auditor wants DIA to ride hard on Uber and Lyft reports” – Denver Business Journal and 9News – February 15, 2018

Airline Agreements Follow-up
“Denver Auditor: DIA needs to improve on accurately collecting fees from airlines” – Colorado Politics – Feb. 5, 2018

Denver Jails Operations Follow-up 

“Slow inmate processing at Denver jails leaves inmates, sheriff’s deputies vulnerable, city auditor finds”- Colorado Politics – 1/22/18
“Denver auditor finds DSD has made significant changes, but inmate and deputy safety still an issue” – Denver 7 – 1/18/17
“Denver auditor says sheriff could do more to reduce violence in downtown jail” – Denver Post – 1/22/18

Short Term Rental Audit
“Denver is making progress regulating short-term rentals” – Denver Post – 01/04/2018

Short-Term Rental Audit
“Audit Sees Room for Improvement in Denver’s Short-Term Rental Program” – Westword – Dec. 22, 2017
“Audit reveals flaws in Denver’s short-term rental system” – Denver Business Journal – Dec. 22, 2017
“Denver’s Short-Term Rental Enforcement Needs Tweaking, Auditor Says” – Colorado Public Radio – Dec. 21, 2017
“Lodger’s tax collected on Denver short-term rentals nears $2 million” – Denver Post – Dec. 21, 2017
“Denver Auditor says should do more to enforce short-term rental rules” – 9News – Dec. 21, 2017

Continuity of Operations Audit
“Denver’s not ready for a disaster, says city auditor” – Denver Business Journal – Dec. 18, 2017
“Audit finds Denver unprepared to continue essential services after disaster” – Denver Post – Dec. 17, 2017
“Denver might not be adequately prepared for a disaster, audit shows” – Denver Channel 7 – Dec. 14, 2017

Office of Marijuana Policy: Follow-up Report
“Denver Auditor: Marijuana Policy Office Needs More Transparency” – Westword – Dec. 8, 2017
“Auditor finds Denver could do more to ensure marijuana tax revenue goes to right places” – Denverite – Dec. 8, 2017
“Denver marijuana regulators’ oversight improved, but still lacking tax transparency, auditor says” – The Cannabist – Dec. 7, 2017

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